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Waste has a future
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WEEELABEX (Waste of Electronic Equipment Label of Excellence) is a recently introduced legislation that prescribes processing companies uniform rules for collection, storage, transport, processing, recycling and reuse of E-waste. (published Staatscourant 5 February 2014 no. 2975) In short, you could say that everything with a plug and measuring and control equipment fall under the WEEELABEX legislation. This requires many adjustments for companies and organisations in the field of waste processing and reuse. The legislation states that entrepreneurs must dispose of these products/devices with companies that are specially certified in accordance with WEEELABEX. This way your company contributes to the circular economy.

A&M Recycling is authorised to process your e-waste equipment in accordance with WEEELABEX legislation. As an independently operating knowledge centre, In2Waste (part of A&M Recycling Groep) facilitates giving the client's management total peace of mind. In2Waste ensures that your equipment is collected, stored, processed, recycled and administered in accordance with legislation. And all in the most sustainable and economic way.

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