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Waste has a future
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Advice and guidance

The waste stage is an intermediate stage, not a final destination 

The theory is simple. Every object (large or small) built by people consists of a composition of various raw materials. These residual materials can be recovered at the end of the usage period and prepared for new use. This use-to-reuse process can be repeated for years.

An infinite process of life cycle management

In practice, finding the right routes to the next purpose of former waste is less easy. Collection, disassembly and recycling are complex issues in themselves. How does In2Waste Solutions take care of these things:

  • Fully compliant with legislation, and with an eye for chain liability
  • Focus on residual value optimisation
  • Achieving sustainability and CO2 objective
  • Closing the chain through focus on the circular economy  

In2Waste is a professional who thoroughly advises and supports organisations to make the transition from waste to waste recycling.

In2Waste Solutions builds a bridge between waste and the future: Waste has future! 

The experienced experts at In2Waste provide objective raw materials management advice. A positive 'raw material return' with minimal negative effects is an important objective in this maximisation. The environmental aspects are 100% guaranteed in this way, and the right balance of ecological, economic and social aspects is sought and found. An optimal implementation of the social and circular economy.

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