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Waste has a future
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Achieving social objectives with circular and sustainable resources, a unique opportunity.

Organisations place increasingly higher demands on their own policies and strategies. These requirements stem from an entrepreneurial mindset. In addition to setting their own requirements, the Dutch government also sets higher requirements for the business community. This has increased in recent years, especially on sustainable and social issues.

The Participation Act entered into force on 1 January 2015. The government has determined that as much employment as possible should be created for people at a disadvantage on the labour market (WWB, WSW and Wajong disability and incapacity benefits). In practical terms, the Participation Act applies to organisations with more than 25 employees. Sheltered work must comprise at least 5% of total employment. That is an average of 25.5 hours per week for a job position. In the context of social return, A&M outsources business-related activities to people who are at a greater distance from the labour market (e.g. sheltered work provision within the municipality, in order to perform work in a sheltered environment). This is mandatory for public and private tenders.

The implementation of this policy obviously requires a lot of specific expertise and, in particular, time. In2Waste, as an expert in the field of certified e-waste service and implementation of the regulations in accordance with the Participation Act, is your partner to comply with the Participation Act'.

In2Waste makes a link between various topics and ensures a successful synergy between social and sustainable concepts.

A win-win-win scenario

The synergy between the circular and social economy provides opportunities for organisations in various areas. By linking various objectives and interests, organisations are given opportunities to achieve customer benefits within the sector, obligations in the field of legislation and regulations, internal and social objectives. In2Waste provides a specific process aimed at your organisation. We take care of:

  • Optimal implementation of raw material recycling
  • Advising on work processes within sheltered employment
  • Coordinate and direct work activitie
  • Sparring partner for the QSHE departmen
  • Comprehensive registration and administratio
  • Obligation regarding SROI and/or quota Participation Act and associated objective

Efficient and effective implementation of your social obligation that is fully integrated into your business processes. 

Do you have a question about it Participation Act?

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