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Waste has a future
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Published on: 26-06-2019

This is collected from the schools at the end of the race by the waste collection service of the Hoeksche Waard; RAD.

Various great prizes were to be won in the E-waste Race, including a visit to the NEMO science museum in Amsterdam, offered by Weee Netherlands, and a visit to the A&M Recycling Group Innovation Plant.

On Tuesday 26 June year 6 of the Eben-Haƫzerschool primary school from Oud-Beijerland visited our site at Europoort Rotterdam. The children were given a tour and information about recycling, and dismantled discarded electronics themselves, under the guidance of In2Waste Solutions specialists. In2Waste is a knowledge and innovation centre within the A&M Recycling Group and specialises in matters related to circular and social economy. This involved the children in the collection and processing of Electronics. We believe it is important that innovation, education and sheltered employment go hand in hand.

The article below (Algemeen Dagblad, 26-06) describes that the children had no idea about how these electronics would be processed. For instance, children all know about mobile phones, but they often do not know that they contain a lot of resources. In short, a fun but educational way to learn about collection and separation of electronics.

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